Land dispute - Cantal

I’m hoping someone maybe able to offer some advice regarding legal representation over a land dispute, between my mother in laws house and her neighbour.

The house is in Cantal and the dispute is over a driveway which is currently owned by my mother in law, but apparently the neighbour has found in the deeds that it actually belongs to them. The dispute has been going on for 4 years and now all of a sudden it has been announced that a decision will be made in court, in Aurillac this Friday (9th Nov 2018)

As my mother in law doesn’t live in France and may not be able to make it to court I’m keen to find out if anyone knows the implications this may cause? We might not be able to have any family travel down and also recently had a lawyer give up on it. Advice would be very gratefully received and if there maybe a helpfull contact that someone could recommend that would be great?

Thank you

If you want to involve a lawyer then I can recommend @Guillaume_Barlet-Bat

Best of luck

Many thanks James

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Hello Tom and Welcome to the forum…

Sorry to hear about the dispute… please do let us know how things turn out…


Thank you Stella, it’s already proving helpful and will be sure to let you know how it goes.


It would seem to me, that if the land involves appears in both Your Deeds, and the Deeds of the neighbour, the Notary(s) involved will have a lot to answer for ! A Notary is personally responsible for the accuracy of his “writings”

It would have been better if the Neighbour and Yourselves had taken the matter up with the 'Chambre des Notaires ', rather than slag it out in court with each other !

If they don’t get called to order , Notary’s get away with murder - and charge for it !

@Tom1 is there any news… that you can share with us ?? :thinking::blush::wink: