Land for sale with barn and accommodation

I am looking to sell my property in the Normandy region of France, specifically in Gathemo,near the town Vire.

The property consists of a two storey barn with fantastic potential for renovation, aided by the recent addition of a luxury caravan, with all mod cons. The caravan is four berth with ample space for living.

It is situated on approximately half an acre of land with good access to local amenities, whilst feeling private with no through-road traffic. It is within walking distance (2.5km) to the local village of Gathemo,with bar/ local boulangerie. Also a short drive to Sourdeval (5km) with bars, restaurants, pharmacy, schools, supermarkets etc. There is a weekly farmers market and an excellent local community of British speaking citizens.

Although I am not able to chaperone a visit, there is access to the property via a neighbour and of course, I would not be averse to you viewing the site independently.

I welcome contact from anyone looking to buy and would likewise be very grateful for contacts and relevant links for me to use within the region.

Feel free to call me on +44 74 87 57 23 94 for further info.

Kind regards
Seb Sagar

Could you put relevant info on here please i.e. price, property tax, energy category, usual outgoings elec/water/fuel.
I would be most grateful. Tks
Best link is to advertize on ‘le bon coin’ or e-Bay, for French readers and I’ll look up the overseas sites for you tomorrow!

Hell Seb and welcome to the forum

Please can you amend your Registration… it should have First and Last Name… and then you choose a User Name…

If you would prefer… I can amend your Registration for you… simply confirm on this thread that your First Name is Seb… and your Last Name is Sagar…

I’m sure you realise that folk visiting houses is not much of an option at the moment… but in time things may become easier…

good luck

Not a good moment, as we are forbidden to travel for non-essential purposes. If you can, you should wait until the present emergency is over.

Does it come with change of use / planning permission?
Just a general comment - if it does, make a point of saying so, it should increase interest when life gets back to normal.

Don’t know about France but UK government about to stop any house sales/purchases/moves - as Mike says this does not seem like a good time to be thinking of marketing a property. Viewing a prospective new house is not an option on the attestation as I recall.

The name of the commune is Gathemo not Gathermo. As this error was duplicated I thought it might be worth pointing out, in the interests of verisimilitude. :thinking:

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Is it your property? I don’t think you can be a gathemotin, Seb, since you don’t spell the place as the locals do.

I was writing at the same time as you Peter! :grin:


What’s that saying about minds that think alike? :innocent::innocent:

The thought crossed my mind that the plot and its appurtenances has been abandoned. It is rumoured that parts of Gathemo are prone to that kind of precipitate expatriate sortie :scream::zipper_mouth_face:

Thank heavens that I have just found if I highlight these words in Chrome on my phone - I get the option “Define”. I am impressed @Peter_Goble just don’t expect me to use such words in the correct context - I am but a simple country bumpkin!

Oh no, I don’t think of country bumpkins when my thumb flies over the keys. It’s just the delight of the old fiddler who takes down his much-loved fiddle, fingering the strings as he tenderly bows to coax out a sweet lost chord from yesteryear.

Or an old gel who lays out the contents of her dusty jewel box for her great grandchildren to admire, and wear round their pretty necks.

I don’t do it for effect. It’s part of my make-up. I have always loved and been a magnet for new words and meanings since my father taught me to read age 4. He bought me a set of 20 illustrated encyclopaedias from a door-to-door salesman before I started school in 1943.

Indulge this old duffer. It’s an innocent folly.


It does remind me a little of this:

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Replete with hyperchucklespirationaliciousness! :hugs: