Land Rover Parts


I got a message from SFN recently and it was a guy who was dealing in car parts, inc land rover parts. I have lost it! Does anyone have his contact details?

Many thanks.

Hi I know its an old post but I have second hand landrover spares

Thanks to everyone for their help/replies. We are now roadworthy!


we have a motor factors as our neighbour in the uk so can help with your car part needs

Hi there Gill, was the company Landypoint ? ? They speak French, English and Dutch. Hope this helps,


Hi gill I am a new business here and am called cheap car parts cant find what your after give us a try

Or you can use Paddock Spares they will deliver land rover parts to France. And they only charge 5 Pounds plus vat for shipping up to 30kg in weight.

Bear in mind that they will not always be original Land Rover parts.

If you have any questions you should ask in the Land Rover group here


Funnily enough, if it's for a Land Rover, I got given this link yesterday:

They're based in France and ship everywhere....

What are you looking for Gill?