Landfill site near Plouray, Brittany

Is there anyone on the SF site who knows about the proposed landfill site in Plouray, Morbihan?

Here is a link to the document which explains the plans for the site as at May 2009:

There is currently a public inquiry into the proprosal going on and I know that a protest was supposed to take place at the mairie in Plouray last Saturday.

We will be looking at a property in the area this weekend and would be interested to hear from anyone who might be affected by the proposed landfill as to if they think it will go ahead and what the consequences might be.



Hi Natasha

Thanks for that, I was aware of the npcb website but hadn’t seen the article on the protest. Thanks also for the link to the French press article - two thousand protesters - great news!

That helps alot :slight_smile:


Hi Maria,

It seems to be an ongoing issue with an evergrowing tide of protest against it. A good website detailing recent activity;

Also article in French press yesterday;

Hope this helps

Natasha (