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I like this it’s about 9 nFrench words that are better than English equivalents

Maybe some, but chauve-souris never, for instance, because the German Fledermaus is far better still. The fleder bit is old form of modern German flattern which is flutter. Flutter mouse. Which makes me think of the ridiculous English butterfly, papillon which is just as absurd since remembering my Latin is derived from papilio which is to feel or touch, the Spanish marisposa is totally absurd being derivative from María pósate, which is 'Mary, alight'. Schmetterling, the German, and English share the same etymology from the word 'cream' that stems from the old belief that witches turned themselves into butterflies to steal cream and other dairy products. So, somebody please come up with something that captures their beauty and cuts the bad guys bit out as well.

There are lots of expressions in Italian and Spanish that beat other languages by miles, they would not only be great in English but also supplanted in other languages including French would be great.