Languedoc Listings on line

This is my first blog post on the site, but to be honest, life has been a little chaotic for the last few weeks, so even my little-used personal blog has not had any attention.

As both myself and my Lovely Girl are french speakers, over the last couple of years, many of the neighbours were knocking on our door asking for help, with everything from leaking Velux windows to shocking French electrics (literally in one case). We also have a lot of friends, family and other contacts who were looking to promote their businesses here in France.

One day, talking about the experience so far, the LG and I looked around an interweb (as Clarkson might say) and cast an eye over many of the info sites about the South of France. There are a lot of really good sites out there for news, forums (forae?) and such, and some good off-line publications as well. To complement the services that are available, and specifically aimed at this region, we built as “Les Pages Anglais” - an online platform for Languedoc-Roussillon businesses to find their customers, in a friendly, pictoral format. All of the advertisers are getting a personal service, and I am making it my mission to talk to each one of them personally.

The end result is a site that is almost purely directory information with no Google ads, no flash animations, no music, or cigales singing (rare in a French website I think you’ll agree) and a layout we are really pleased with. It went live on 20/10/2010 with the first 80 odd advertisers, and more coming in all the time. So far, very good! Thankyou to all the people who are already supporting us with our new enterprise : . If you would like to know more, drop me a PM via the site.