Languedoc-Roussillon knocked!

Some body posted a question not long ago as to why Languedoc-Roussillon was so low down in the French ratings as a good place to live. I gave a few pointers as to why (very high unemployment, crime etc. compared to other regions) and this article throws some more light on the subject...!

they're at it again...!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that. I've lived and worked in various area and they're all different, as is the huge difference between town and country, especially when it's very rural (Cantal) where you have to drive an hour to go to the cinema or do pretty much anything but there are advantages too - low crime because there's no one there!

Jane, that's a relief! As the man said I like chldren, but don't think i could eat a whole one.

(There really should be a smiley for that one shouldn't there?)

I don't think it did offend anybody per se. We all have our own opinions on the monarchy after all. I think it was a case of overt sensitivity!

Oh, why did that offend anybody? In British terms something to be proud of surely?

OK I don't want to get into a polemic over it, but just a bit strange that it should have offended.

However I didn't catch the early bits and as you say all past now.

This is a good point as what makes a place 'desirable' We are just discussing the subject with our newly-arrived sister-in-law. She left a now 'heavily-ethnic' area of Paris where she lived most of her life - at least 40 years. She lived in a high-security private flat, and had a developed local cultural life, however she was nervous about crime rates, increasing aggressions, and dirt, plus feeling a 'foreigner' in her own town.

She now lives in a very nice house, in the country and has two lovely cats (came with the house). Now suddenly she is lonely, feels trapped, and says 'it takes so long to get anywhere to do anything' e.g Theatre, Mediateques etc. She lives a 15-minute drive from us, and now this is 'too far'. Brive is less than 30 minutes. Tulle about the same, and yes, they aren't Paris. Bearing in mind that apart from anything local it would always have taken her at least an hour on the Metro to get to anywhere in central Paris, with all the adjacent concerns, I do find the current 'undesirable' bits rather hard to take.

Now this is starting to affect my wife (twin sister)!

What makes any place undesirable? For me, life here is VERY desirable, calm and beautiful, with nice neighbours, but then again I am 73 and that does make a difference? I don't find cities or towns very desirable now, except for the odd visits which can be enjoyable but I wouldn't want to live in one. My wife is 8 years my junior, but surely that can't be a reason?

Or can it?

As the original topic was quite interesting, who else lives in a less than desirable part of France?

James, anything that re-assures me that I am not (totally) losing my marbles is always welcome!

Yes, James, I nearly pulled the plug on the discussion when it started getting silly. It was simply meant to stimulate a bit conversation on the different regions in France and their problems, people's experiences etc...!

all in the past now, Norman, it was a photo of him and the queen when he received his gong

What I meant by back on track was not necessarily back on topic, I am very happy for topics to diversify generally. However, his one is starting to make SFN look like a playground.

I don't think you've missed anything no.

Worth a read notification emails are sent out by me manually. I choose something that I see fit to promote and drop it in an email. The items are rarely box fresh and sometimes they are from the archives which is why they may already have comments.

Hope that helps?



Only if it was for a special occasion Norman.

Completely on-topic, and I must have a perverse nature, but I love visiting 'touristic places' completely out of season. Carcassonne is one such example, only then can you really appreciate the place for the architectural gem it is-. Ditto re Paris, Venice (spend Christmas in the incredible atmosphere of that place - astonishing, but cold).

Unlike my wife, I stand about 6'1" in my socks, so can mostly see around me in the season, but she being a lot shorter gets more frustrated and just being on eye-level of backpacks and big posteriors (well, you know what I mean). I never realised this until we went to the Grand Palais for an Exhbition that she wanted to see, and couldn't understand why she was so aggravated, then it dawned on me. Mind you being a Parisienne makes you understand why she and others disappeared from the city in August.

As residents/guests/integrated expats or whatever, this is the BIG advantage we have over the holiday makers isn't it? Plus we should never forget that the 12-15 weeks of the year are those that keep many communities alive.

Incidentally we are now preparing two volumes on French Tourist posters - those you pick up on repro. postcards. If any of you would like to send any images (by email) to me of these I will be very grateful - all areas, all regions but NOT photographic treatments.The books are about artists and their works. Ta!

Hi James, without wanting to be in the slightest impolite, but why ?

Like others I actually enjoy the perambulations that follow the original topic, it really does then get like an after-dinner debate as others have mentioned.

Still it's your site, so you have every right to apply the rules.

Incidentally and somewhat related. I haven't picked up on the picture posted by Martin, or some of those responses this apparently evoked. have I been missing something?

Second - and purely out of interest, being a non-techie. I am intrigued as to how I get 'the interesting read' notification which I always open, to find there are already (sometimes) pages of posts already there. I know I am getting ancient, but how can I be that slow? No complaint just interested that's all. Oops that's REALLY off-topic isn't it? Sorry about that, but thoughts do pop into my head on occasion, and a bit like an itch need to be scratched.

Please can you all read this again so that we might get this thread back on track?



Hi Cate. Thanks for that. As usual, I will take your advice - it's nearly Wine O'Clock anyway. My friend Monika (known her for 33 years) is here from Germany for a visit with her two teenage boys. She mentioned going to Carcassonne, and I said "you don't want to do that" but I think she might chance it.

Good point about being outside Europe, Martin, and yes, in that case I'd feel a guest. As for the crime stats - not hot air at all but based on insee stats and of course only of any use when talking about France. Again, the idea was never a UK -v- France debate but one which many may find interesting ;-) As for remarks or views on the British monarchy or awards, get over it, we're all free to have our own political views and beliefs, so much more so when we live in a republic. Posting a photo of you with the queen was asking for "quips" which were very tame given the provocation of the photo ;-)

I am supposedly a subject of said anachronistic hereditary 'ruling family'. Debate about the merits and demerits of monarchy are as much part of the 'British' way of life as aristocracy is here in France. It is healthy to have debate indeed, but then people also need to agree to disagree and accept that difference is part of that.

What I tell my kids when they come home from school saying someone is picking on them is to ignore those people, they will get bored and leave you alone.

Have I censored one or more of your comments and if so do you know why?

Has anyone made comments to you that you think I should have removed, or censored as you put it?