LaPoste - Votre envoi a été retiré

I sent one of those annoying “I am still alive” certificates to the pensions people and tracked it. After 8 days in the postal system, the website now says " Votre envoi a été retiré", which, to me, implies removed or something similar. In this context, I’d like to be confident it meant “received” but my dictionaries aren’t giving me that translation :worried: Can anyone tell me for sure?

It’s always a worry… this sort of thing.
I seem to recall a similar happening sending something to UK… a few years back.
Tracking showed its progress…
The final thing I could see was the system telling me it was out for delivery (to whatever address in UK)…
but not getting a receipt back, I still worried.
Finally, it vanished from the computer system…
and I never did get a receipt back (although that’s what I had paid for…)

My local Post Office lady told me to hang on to my tracking-paperwork, just in case there was a problem/query from the Addressee in UK… other than that, she was at a loss and simply hoped all was well.
Presumably, it was delivered as I still get my pension.

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translated “Your shipment has been picked up”
It’s there!
If you don’t get your pension money contact them accordingly.


That is the next step if they stop paying me. Always a worry though, especially since it wasn’t going to be picked up, just put in the letter box…

IIRC the Lettre Récommandé/avis de réception are ineffective outside of France anyway, so it’s fly by the seat of your pants time…
The next payment is probably already on the list but the one after is the one to watch out for.

I agree about the avis de réception part of it - hasn’t worked for me in the past, but the Lettre Récommandé bit has worked previously. We’ll see what happens and have everything crossed… :smiley:

including the cheque hopefully :wink:

I have had things “non-retiré”, ie not signed for and/or accepted. So retiré means the opposite!

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That’s encouraging, Jane, thank you!

For sending important stuff to the UK by registered post from here you need to do an International Form which the post office will do for you and its a printed out receipt with a bar code and details which shows the proof you did send it by registered post. The ordinary yellow LRAR are not accepted for the UK.

That’s exactly what I did, @Shiba ! The lady in the post office had to go to a separate box to find an international form :smiley:

Yep… I’ve used the special international forms… which promise me proof of delivery… huh…

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Exactly!!! Sigh…

Lettre recommandée / avis de réception did work for me to UK last year. I was able to use the ref. no. to know when exactly it was received. *****y expensive though