Laser eye surgery in France

Has anyone in the Midi-Pyrenees had laser eye surgery? If so, could they tell me of their experiences and, perhaps, offer some words of encouragement?

How old is old?

I had my eyes done a year ago. Both at the same time and the whole thing took about 1 minute. You do feel like the main character out of Clockwork Orange with your eyes clamped open but its not painful. The boring bit is the treatment after the procedure, you have to bath your eyes every few hours for quite a long time with special drops, I think there were four different sorts. You do have to go back after a week and then a month (I cant remember exactly). And then there is no swimming or skiing for a short period. I thought at the time it was expensive, about £3,500. THe worse thing was it did not work on one eye and I had to have it redone 6 weeks later, free of charge, but I am so happy now its the best thing I have done.

I too had my eyes done but in the UK and wish I had had them done years ago.

Do you have to be a minimum age to get it done? My 18 year old nephew is very keen but has heard he has to wait? Any info greatly appreciated! Thanks C x

I, too, am of an age to require assistance for reading. I currently wear hard lenses, one for reading and one for distance. I believe they can do the same with laser treatment. The question is, could I be brave enough to have it done through the French system (nearest being Toulouse) or would I be more confident going back to the UK to have it done? Perhaps I should make it a New Year’s resolution to stop thinking about it and get it sorted! Thanks for your support!

Thanks for your words of encouragement. How many post surgery appointments did you have to attend and at what intervals? Did you return to the UK specially for the treatment or were you still living there?