Last Navette from Bordeaux Airport to Station - URGENT

Hi All, I’m looking at OH’s flight time into Bordeaux this evening and it’s delayed. He now won’t arrive until 20:30 . He was hoping to get the navette from the airport to St Jean to get the last train home. I’ve just looked up navette times and it looks like the last one from the airport is 20:05. Is that true?

If so, I may need to bundle Bertie in the car and get myself to the airport.

That’s a pain! Seems very early. Hang on I’ll have a look for you x

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Thanks Tory - he texted me and confirmed he would have to get a taxi - Timing is tight.

Looks like midnight

What about the tram, I think they run until midnight?

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Thanks Tory (and @tim17 )but unfortunately not - there is a direct navette that just goes airport to train station and back which takes half an hour.

There are other ways as you’ve found - ordinary navette or tram, but they take forever and it will only work for him if it’s direct with no intervening stops. With luck, it will be taxi and he’ll just make it. If not he’ll have to wait about an hour or so in MacDo’s at St Jean for me to come and collect him. We’ve been here before!

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I’m going to collect him. He’s only just landed and has got to wait for his luggage. Shame the direct navette doesn’t continue later in the evening

Is the navette quicker than the tram?? That PIC I posted said every 10 minutes until midnight, 35 minute trip.

I think the tram takes only 5 minutes longer than the shuttle bus, and it goes every 10 minutes rather than every 30.
The number 1 bus takes quite a bit longer, but maybe not at this time of day.

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Thanks everyone for your advice. Unfortunately it wasn’t just the navette. He was going for the last train home (sounds like a book title), so there was no room for delays/alternatives. I think he could have walked home faster than the whole palaver last night! Roadworks on the A62 in both directions, airport access completely changed (haven’t been there for ages) and to top it all off the rocade was shut leading us back to junction 17 and the diversion signage was appalling. Fortunately OH finally got his smartphone to tell us where we were (the middle of nowhere) and we finished up with a tail of cars following us, the drivers saying “well he looks like he knows where he’s going”. Got home at 12.30. OH still asleep thank goodness.

If he’s catching a late flight again we will plan that I pick him up in a timely fashion and forget the whole public transport fiasco. He thought he was saving me the trouble! :roll_eyes:


So where did you put them all, have you got enough rooms? :astonished: :rofl:

Glad you made it safely back in the end. :smiley:

After a span of 45 years, 5 years ago I met my Australian friends off the plane. There was a slow cooker at home due to be ready when we got back, the plane was on time, but their luggage, including his vital meds, wasn’t. Had to wait for the next flight with the bags, Air France said we could have a meal on them because they wouldn’t deliver the bags on a weekend further than the Gironde border. We took the tickets to the resto only to be told ‘you can have 2 rolls and a cup of coffee with those’. Not the best welcome to France.

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