Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Brexit Update

"...well, you're not laughing at me now"

Well, actually Mr Farage, they are 'cos you got your frickin flag upside down mate... laugh

Nice to see he's resigned as leader of UKIP; even nicer if he resigns as an MEP as well. The person least fit to represent anyone in the UK, imo.

Nope, he still said he's going to pop up at the European Parliament. I'm sure he'll receive a very warm welcome, as well as several thousand euros a year. Oh and don't forget his pension. And his German wife's pension. Once he's finished partying with Murdoch of course.

Some interesting Constitutional legals coming out now, in particular, who has the legal right to invoke Art 50. Who says it has to be the PM? Why not the Foreign Secretary (as the EU is in his brief)? Why not Mr Speaker or the Sovereign herself?

The legal argument is that the executive have no legal right to proceed; it is a matter for Parliament itself to determine. The executive would be acting Ultra vires by invoking Art 50 without the express will of Parliament authorising it in an Act of Parliament to do so.

The so called brexit vote by the British people has no validity in Law and that is perhaps one very good reason why Messrs Cameron and (now) Farage have resigned - because they know their various promises to the electrate have no standing in law and they cannot deliver on the promises made without it being voted on in the House of Commons and passing through all the stages that entails.

This is also why the brexiteers are so anxious to get a brexit supporting candidate through the Conservative Party elections.

This is by no means over; there are many other devices by which the PM (or anyone else for that matter) can be estopped from proceeding.

and just to add to that. The brexiteers reason for haste is that they know full well that once triggered - whether legally or not as far as UK law is concerned - there is no reversal procedure in EU law for Art 50. In the event that it was (is) triggered, they would simply hold their hands up, fall on the respective swords, and apologise leaving the country in dire straights.

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