Last will and testament

Does anyone know how to write a will over here?. Is there a simple easy way?
I have some assets in the UK and some assets in France. Not looking to die yet but … Who knows. I think I should do the responsible thing and make a will.

There is info on this French government website, I had it saved as we need to sort our wills out too -it is in French only

My notaire discussed my wishes with me and then he wrote a template out for me to copy word for word (only problem was reading his handwriting when I got home!). Then I took it back and he checked I’d done it right. Job done, very easy.

It seems a holographic will is the simple solution

Hi Gary,

B aware that inheritance laws are different in France and the UK. In France, especially if you have children, you cannot give to anyone you wish. Your children have a right to a portion of your assets (part réservataire - forced heirship provisions).
This article sums up things very well :
In your case I don’t know whether you can express your option for implementation of the British or French inheritance law through an holographic will. Best is to talk with a notary.
Another issue is Brexit as this opting for an inheritance law or the other is ruled by European regulations. As you probably do not intend to leave us before 2 years (God forbid), the estimated exit process duration, this could become an issue.

Hope this will help.


Perfectly happy to provide free template UK and French wills for people to copy (providing you don’t want to leave the grandfather clock to your brother and the porcelain collection to your friend!). Best to avoid opting for English law to apply, unless there is a very good reason to do so. This risks confusing the notaire assigned to wind up your estate. The vast majority of them are still unaware of the new legislation. Contact details -

We are also about to sort out our wills, but when researching this I had read somewhere that if you opt for French law then your spouse gets a share and the remainder divided between any children. The concern I have of this is that it stated that your husband/wife can remain in the property for the rest of their life - but if you want to sell then the value of the property could to be shared if the children so demand. I am reluctant to do this as I want to be in total control of where I live and how I live. Anyone confirm if this is correct please. Also if you decide to do a handwritten will and opt for English law is it possible to lodge this with the notaire?.