Last Will and Testiment

Sorry if this point has been covered before, but if so I cannot find a reference to my specific problem.

I am married and we both want to write new Wills now that we are resident in France. We have been to a Notaire and he wrote a Will to cover our assets here

Now we both want Wills to cover the properties and assets that we both have in the UK. On speaking to a solicitor in England we have been informed that as we have properties in France and England, then our Wills will be very complicated and so very expensive

I am sure we are not unique in this situation and that there must be people who read this site who have both English and French assets and who have already written their Wills.

I would welcome suggestions of solicitors who come recommended and any observations

Thanks for reading

I recently read that you need a separate instruction for any assets that you might hold in an Assurance Vie, and as that affects us we will be looking into this further.

I have made two wills. One in France dealing with French assets uniquely and the other in the UK dealing with UK assets uniquely. The two are not inter-related. Any will dealing with assets in more than one country will burn money after your death because there will be cross-border problems, mainly in the form of lawyers trying to print money. Keep the wills separate and that will be the least costly route.

From August of next year you will be able to specify that your French assets can be dealt with under the regime of the UK, as long as you have a will specifying this. See this article: