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Latest detail on the MOT (contrôle technique) regulations …

FFVE FLASH INFO N°101 du 3 Mars 2017.pdf (503.6 KB)

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Thank you fot this, Stella. I had heard that this had been proposed some time ago but not implimented. The timing could not be better as my 1942 GMC truck is nearing completion & will be painted as soon as the weather will allow.
Being excempt from a CT makes life easier not because owners can get away with maintainence but because I do not have to explain that it only ever had one brake light, the headlights have always been mounted that high & the wipers will always slow down when you accelerate.
It is not an excuse to let the tyres get bald or for the brakes to become less than as efficient as they were new because if my truck or another old timer was involved in an accident due to poor maintainence we would very quickly lose the priviledged position we now have.

Heartily agree with you Mark.

I especially like the idea of the Insurance covering (over 5 years) the cost of the Voluntary CT for “exempt” vehicles

Being exempt puts the onus on the owner to ensure that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition…

It’s no bad thing to have another pair of eyes check things over, once in a while…:wink:

Hello Stella, I am pretty new to Angloinfo and to France and would be interested in any information you can provide on the best way to import my 1957 Landrover from the Uk, there seems to be a lot of either old or misleading information out there.
Many Thanks

Look on the FFVE website, all the information that you need is on there. The process is very straightforward.

Thanks David, I appreciate your help.