Latest Rules on wearing a mask when in the streets... (6am - 11pm)

Prefectures are allowed to make the Rules according to the covid situation in their Department.

This is about Dordogne : 7th August until the end of the month

Check your local Press for Mask Wearing in your locality.

"Le port du masque sera donc obligatoire dans les rues de 21 communes à partir de ce samedi 7 août, de 6 heures à 23 heures et jusqu’à la fin du mois.

Le préfet de la Dordogne explique qu’il y a de plus en plus de personnes touchées par le coronavirus en Dordogne. Ce jeudi 5 août, quatre personnes sont mortes à l’hôpital en Dordogne des suites de la covid-19."

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Not really surprising.
I don’t know if it is the same in France, but in the UK Press there are stories of anti-vaxxers dying from Covid and saying that they wish they had had the vaccine. Their families aren’t too impressed either.

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Here’s ascreen shot of the inter-active map (in the link above) which shows Rules on masks … (but do check how up to date they are)…

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There are the same sort of stories in the US press. The nursing staff have to tell them that it’s too late.

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@Stella Thank you, the nearest to us is St. Jean de Cole which, when I passed through the other day was absolutely rammed with tourists. Also their (and others’) cars parked on both sides of the narrow street which made giving way to the long (100m) priority section very difficult. Nowhere to pull over.