Laura Ashley - £204.00, but 310 euros!

I tried to order from Laura Ashley this morning and, living in France,I looked at the International Delivery Information first. It would cost £10.00.

I spent an hour on the site and tried to order. It would not accept sterling orders for France, even though I had already been quoted £10.00. To make matters worse the price rocketed from £204. to 310 euros. They are having a laugh, this is total exploitation and I am not going to pay. This is an outrageous exchange rate.

Furthermore, the 'phone helpline only works during the working week!

Have any other SFN members other website to avoid?

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I have complained to LA about the price difference just yesterday (via Facebook) they have said there is a way to buy in Sterling for delivery to France and I will message them tomorrow. Fingers crossed. As I too thought it was taking the Mickey- I didn’t mind paying a few pound more when the pound was stronger but now it is ridiculous - especially as it was an expensive item I was wanting to order.
There are a few couriers I think that specialise in big stores delivering to them for free and then transporting from there - which I may look into too.

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