Law at work

Returning to my home this morning I followed a Gendarmerie vehicle noticing that it only had one tail light working. It came to a halt at a junction where I noticed that it only had one stop light working. I was debating as to whether I should as a good citizen get out and let them know of the unroadworthyness of said vehicle when I had to move back rather sharply as it had started to roll backward even though I had left a big gap. No one behind me luckily. Habit really the gap that is. That’s at least 3 offences I think that have been committed. Holding a stationary vehicle on a slope with foot brake?

After a slow recovery to a stationary position, no other traffic by the way in any direction, judging from the position of the said vehicle I was of the opinion that the intention was to go straight on. Wrong. After another minute os so the right indicator blinked for 3 or 4 times but still no movement after another minute it went right. Failing to take account of other traffic is now a certainty.

I just hope that (in my dreams)in the same circumstances such tolerance would be shown to me. I suspect that in reality I would by now be in the back of the van being fined and facing the prospect of seeing a medic as to my fitness to drive.

Don’t you just love our law enforcement officers. I wonder if before driving an official vehicle it is supposed to be checked before setting off from the garage?

Drive falsely and have a nice day.

Bill Burnhope

Haha, one of our friends is a gendarme. We stayed at one of those quick aperos early one evening that went on until after midnight. The gendarme and family left at the same time as us, same route and I prudently suggested my wife follow rather than be ahead. He had downed a bit of everything available, including being a serious competitor in the 'taste all the different beers' until somebody drops thing. The route starts off road and the track is not well defined, then minor roads that are bendy and bumpy, into a multiply series of Ss that take you down to a difficult turn on a hard slope on to a road that joins another road just over a car length on, then there is a narrow bridge with a stop sign at the end we were at because there is also another junction in front of it, but he didn't bother, then rolled down and first left into the gendarmerie parking. I would estimate that he at least partially left the road in excess of 100 times, entirely left the road four times, been tight on bends several dozen times. He was veering and erratic anyway. Moreover, he only had his lights on low, they should have been dipped and in part full beam for the journey. Five or six minutes and all of that. The following Tuesday, going to school to collect my daughters and there they were stopping cars for routine checks. I was OK anyway, got out with all of my papers and who should be there/ Shook hands, then his colleagues had a look. Came back in a few seconds and said "Controle Technique". I looked up surprised. Then I was told I only had five months left.

Five minutes later, he was outside the school to collect his kids. He said to me that he was grateful to me. It had reminded him that his CT had run out a couple of weeks ago so he ought to do something about it.

Two sets of rules or one?

I do not think that I have the courage to do that. It was the locals. Not that I think it matters but the driver was male the passenger was female. I was just appalled at the bad driving and state of the vehicle. Who guards the guards

Why don't you report it to the local Gendarmerie? I suppose you took the reg. plate and noticed who (what sex) was driving?

This seems to be common practice for all now. When I first started to drive in Fr, over 20 yrs ago, it was rare to see this. The worst is the one eyed monster, the one with only a nearside light working, very dangerous and have seen it often.

Safe motoring to all in these winter months.