Laws Concerning Gites - Maximum rental period?

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope that 2014 will be a good year for everyone in spite of the economic situation.

We have only a bed and breakfast for the moment, but are thinking of starting a gite(s) in the near future. I am wondering about the laws related to gites concerning maximum rental period. I have read somewhere 90 days. Is this true? Is there a legal way to rent for longer periods and still be classified as a gite?

Thanks so much for any information or experiences you might be able to share.

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The way I read that text is that it applies to "normal" letting, not holiday letting of gîtes/villas/appartments.

Inversely, if you let out a gîte for 6 consecutive months to the same person, then it's hardly holiday letting.

I'm a holiday lettings expert for so it's my job! :-)

The law came in about two years ago.... Just a quick google brings

I also run a few gites here in the Languedoc

Thanks very much for this comment Wendy. Where did you find this information?

Thanks very much for this information. The laws are not always clear!

If you rent for more than four months a year you need to have the diagnostic thermique survey...

The definition of a "meublé de tourisme" in the law, link, does not stipulate any maximum period. Main restriction is that the client cannot choose the gîte as his permanent residence. Of course, the assumption is that the client is on vacation.
I did find the 90 day restriction for something called "location saisonnière", here.