Hi Everyone!

Long stort wife and I NEED an english speaking lawyer that practices law here in France. It is a civil matter and just found out today that we have 8 days to resolve the situation.

Can anyone recommend a good lawyer to us? We are in Antibes.

In advance, thank you!


Unfortunate perhaps, nevertheless an excellent lawyer that speaks perfect english, which were the prerequisites.

Hi Bob,

I Know a franco/american lawyer in the Nice/Monaco area, specialized in international law who is american and, of course, speaks perfect english. His name is Donald Menasse, has offices both in Monaco and Nice.

Good luck...Frank Charat

Thank you all! I will look these recommendations up and speak with them. We are very grateful for the suggestions!


If you need an English connection Russell Cooke in Putney SW15 have a French operation too and are a very established firm

Richard Frimston is the man

Hi, perhaps Petra Cramer can help. She does work around Antibes.

Sent friend request as I thought it was necessary before replying :-)

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Hi Bob, my good friend James Gillespie will be able to help you - you can reach him on +33620370733 Hope it all works out for you.

Say I sent you.

Keiron Allen