Le Bon Coin secure payments

Has anyone used this service on Le Bon Coin? If so could you explain to me how it works? Thanks.

I think @james sold one of his AMAZING firepits using this feature?

(Yup that was a shameless plug… just in case anyone wants a firepit…)

I don’t remember, I suppose it’s an escrow service

I have both bought and sold on the bon coin. Basically you confirm you want to buy an item and you have a certain amount of time to make the payment.
The payment is held until you confirm that you have the goods and that the transaction was completed successfully. The seller then receives the payment directly into their bank account.
If you don’t complete each step with a certain time frame, it differs for each part, the transaction is automatically cancelled.

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Okay thanks, I’ll do that.

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If you are buying or selling locally, you can of course ask the other person of they would like payment in person. Sales on the bon coin are now subject to tax if the value of the item is over 5000€. You are taxed on the plus-value principal. I haven’t ever sold anything that expensive so I don’t know how it works but it’s.worth keeping in mind.

I bought a car from Bordeaux, went to see and try it, left a deposit and then arranged a bank cheque to take with me later to collect it.

It does take a week or so and there is a charge of about €13, but it is an assured way for both parties.

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