Le Bon Coin

Trying, unsuccessfully to post an item on Bon Coin but can not get past valider. Have ticked the T & C, unblocked pop ups but don't want to take a paid option - anyone else had these problems. It's been a couple of years since I've advertised anything and this is driving me nuts!

Any suggestions anyone?

We have had the same problem and Catharine is right. Simply avoid putting anything up at the weekend, as we have frustratedly learned.

Hey, he keeps asking me if they've sold yet???? Haven't the heart to say they're not on yet :-O

Serious stuff then...

Thanks Catharine, I will try again in the morning. Have set the account up as I'd like to get rid of a load of the kids stuff, this one is important as it is Luc who has decided he'd like to make money from his old toys!

Try it tomorrow morning - I've found that the site often has a wobble on a Sunday due to the sheer amount of traffic.

Also scroll back up and double check that you've filled out all the required fields.If you are going to advertise regularly it is well worth setting up an account - huge timesaver.