Le Gastro

For the first time one of my little ones has caught the nasty Gastro in England instead of France and it seems a really nasty version. She’s had projectile vomiting, temperature of 38.9, tummy pains and now she’s coughing and losing her voice.

She won’t eat anything, she’ll only drink milk not smecta or any other replenishing fluids. She’s already tiny (only 9kilo at 2 years old) and for 4 days now she’s eaten 1 small piece of banana, 1 tiny bit of croissant & 1 new potato.

So I’m begging, does anyone have any ideas of things I can try feeding her?

funny, she asked for Ice-cream but then didn’t touch it. So I really know there’s something wrong! Fingers crossed, she’s on the mend today, slept really well last night, just has a bad cough now. Although the 6m old had a temperature yesterday 38.5…here we go again…

ice lollies, so true, as well as jelly!

My 3 year old had a nasty gastro a couple of month ago, we managed to feed her rice cakes, matsos (here it’s called pain azyme, you find it easily in the bio aisle of every supermarkets), and cracottes. drinkwise she was on a litle bit of full sugar coke, for the energy. her symptoms were really similar to your daugter’s. i took her to the doctor after 2 days of vomiting and 39degres, he told me to relax, and that it would pass, he said that it actually common for kids not to eat anything for 3 days when they have it. As long as she manages to sip on a bit of liquid, it’ll soon sort itself out.
Good luck.

thanks Jacqui, yes she’s drinking milk no problem. She last vomited Saturday night just before bed (a whole bottle of milk - I was gutted as it was the most she’d had all day). She’s talking and playing a bit more today, looking a bit dehydrated (lips dry, skin stays up) but she also has a runny nose & tears as well as wet nappies so I think as long as she carries on with milk that she’ll be ok.

Mealtimes are already stressful as she eats like a sparrow (just the same as me when I was a kid apparently and I’m ok so I guess she’ll be fine) but it is disheartening throwing plate after plate of dinner away even when its supposed to be her favourite.

@Julie she won’t eat rice unfortunately…I keep trying!

Hi Suzanne
You don’t say when she last vomited but as far as solids go don’t worry about them too much. Fluids are what she needs but not too many too fast. Avoid water as that can dilute her electrolytes so if she is tolerating milk then great. You could always add a dioralyte (or equivalent) to her milk.
Another way to encourage fluids is ice lollies. If she is salivating, producing tears, going to the loo to pee and sweating in her groins/armpits then she is hydrated well enough.
Offer food when you would normally have it and if she asks for something then go for it but don’t make it a battle - stress making for you and she’ll win!
If she becomes floppy, gives unusual responses to questions or requests or becomes unresponsive then seek medical care urgently. Also check her poop for signs of internal bleeding - black poop needs immediate attention from the hospital.
Kids are resilient and I’m sure she’ll be over this before you will. Good luck x

well she’s not got that problem Stephen, probably as there’s nothing in her at all! She normally loves bread but she won’t even entertain it!