Le nouveau gouvernement (? or is it ?)

Hot off the press…

Just appeared…

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Now we can all memorize their faces…

Looks a good mix to me…

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I love that word ‘trombinoscope’! Our mayor put up trombinoscopes of school classes going back years and it was good fun seeing who we could identify!

What I find curious is how many of these people have actually been elected to anything public?

Needs noting Mme Borne has chosen 27 people, Mr Castex had 42…

That’s power politics, thought they would have waited until the end of the elections legislatives.

Much too long to wait. Those in-situ can only deal with on-going stuff… nothing new.
Waiting until 19th June to get things sorted is a no-go in my view …

I must admit to being ignorant of the make-up of the French government, President apart, so you have prompted me to take more interest in future. As regards the names though, very hard to read, greyed out to the extreme beneath the photos.

The appointment of Pap Ndiaye is interesting - a bit shocking to Macron’s more centre-right supporters. However, I think it is consistent with Macron’s political outlook. On issues round colonialism he has been relatively progressive - his blind-spot lies elsewhere (understanding the reality of climate/ecological breakdown).

I agree he is an interesting addition, and has solid theoretical ideas, but apart from the colour of his skin what distinguishes him from all the other Science Po, Île de France elite?

Thanks Stella. It’s good to see their faces. Many of them were unknown to me before this.

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The link I’ve put does work well on my computer but perhaps not so well on the small screens.
I’ll try and find a better format for you @David_Spardo

I did manage to read them Stella, but had to stare very hard close to the screen, and it is a 50cm computer screen not a mobile.

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Might not be worth memorizing the faces just yet… in case they get beaten and disappear…

I think both Macron and Ndiaye believe in ‘meritocracy’ - while admitting obviously that the system is currently not perfect, perhaps even not working that well at all - what with énarques etc - I think they would say if you address early-and school-years disadvantage, discrimination, etc, a meritocratic system is desirable.

What’s wrong with this view, I think - and it’s also the problem with ‘identity politics’ in general - is that, as Germaine Greer says, ‘equality is a profoundly conservative aim’ - more women, or black people, or even working class people in the top jobs does not necessarily change anything for the people still doing the bottom jobs.