Le Tour de France - July 14 weekend?

Anyone going to the tour Saturday morning (July 14)? I found out it's passing near Nimes and Montpellier. I can't find a map with a close up of the route and I don't know the area. Was wondering if anyone was planning to go and perhaps I could join up?

My French husband is completely uninterested. He said, you want to go watch a velo? It's passed through our area many times apparently, and no big deal for him.


Hi Toni, I'll check it out.... bit more Blues myself, but online lessons, what a great idea! Checked out your Blog too, smashing!

Yes, Ron. You can search his YouTube channel: Tickouss. But you must like rhumba! He gives lessons online to learn rhumba and posts videos of local performers.

ooooo A guitarist!

Excellent info. Thank you. After looking closely at the maps you sent, I realize the tour is passing through Bagnols sur Ceze saturday. My husband is playing guitar near there Saturday in Goudargue. I think I will go to that area instead to see it.

Hi Toni, here's the route, just click on Itinéraire horaire for all the info, the finish in Agde will be more than packed and not really worth it, best bet will be to take a picnic and see it en route away from the main towns, get there at least an hour before the caravan comes through to get a place and get set up - you won't be able to get there using the roads the cyclist take either!

Hi, Stage 13 is at the Cap D'Agde on the 14th this link shows a local map..... it's always a great event here ( 70 kms ) West of Montpellier... we often have the start here too.