Le welsh... heart attack on a plate

(Mandy Davies) #1

This looks lovely… perhaps a little less cheese :open_mouth:

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(Ann Coe) #2

Oh I could gobble all that up quite easily, maybe with a spurt of ketchup on the chips though ! :hugs:

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(Maxime Sorin) #3

As I live in Picardy and my wife is from Pas de Calais not very far, I usually eat this during my bicycle rides and when visiting my step family. Lots of energy on the bike !


(Mandy Davies) #4

I might have to pop over from the UK and try it. It’s much closer than when I lived in the Yarn.


(Vanessa Caton) #5

We came across something similar to this when we were on holiday in the States . I think it was called a horseshoe. It was enormous and filled the entire plate. I think I recall seeing it featured on one of those Man vs Food programmes . I think I passed on it and had something else but my husband had it but couldn’t manage it all. I’m sure the place was called the Ariston Cafe.


(Ann Coe) #6

Was it this Vanessa ?

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(Vanessa Caton) #7

Lol - though it might as well have been :joy:. Just found the place . It was the Ariston Cafe in Illinois. I collect fridge magnets and have one from it. http://thearistoncafe.com/# The horseshoe they made looked far better than this pic on Wikipedia though just as huge. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horseshoe_sandwich
We did a road trip across the USA from Chicago to LA a few years ago loosely following Route 66 and covering 9 States. It was awesome . We did eat healthier than this most days though .:blush:


(Jane Jones) #8

Have you ever been to Canada and had their equivalent heart attack on a plate…poutine? You need to take lots of exercise to work that one off.


(Ann Coe) #9

I would call that a Shire Horse shoe :wink:

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(Vanessa Caton) #10

Lol! Yes that’s a really good description :joy: