Leak detection

We have a new in ground liner pool which has leaked from day one. The installer has tried without success to find the leak. He has been unable, he tells me to find a company that may be able to assist. Does anyone have any knowledge of such? This project has now been going on for 15 months.

If the liner is still under guarantee then the installer should get it fixed or cough up for a new one, normally liners are guaranteed for 10 years.

Thanks Timothy that is one option that the installer is considering. But the issue at the moment is trying to establish where and why there is a leak as we do not want to go through this experience with a new liner and lose yet another summer season.

Are the steps welded to the liner? Might be worth checking if not already done.

Cheers Mark, well the two forms of liner, one being a textured anti-slip and the other being plain are welded to each other over the preformed corner steps but as far as I am aware are not to the steps themselves. I will mention this to the installer.

Are you sure that it is the liner that is leaking and not one of your inlet/outlet pipes coming from the pool?
Does the pool stop losing water when it drops below the outlet vents.

Hi Michael, yes it would appear to be the liner as the level drops to about halfway down the pool, well below the skimmers and returns.

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I suppose the obvious question is - have you concentrated your search along the line of this water level?

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Hi Paul, I have mentioned this as an option to the installer. I personally think it may be around the steps. hopefully he will be coming to sort things out sooner rather than later.

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I have never had a pool but many friends have suggested throwing in fine Saw Dust as a way of identifying a leak it should end up level with the leak in a concentrated lump best tried with no wind

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Hi Terry,
You need to find a leak technician using the Leak Trac system. Shouldn’t take more than 30 mins to accurately locate the leak. I don’t know whereabouts you are in France and I am not in France at the moment.

I am not clear if it is a bag liner or a weld on site liner (armoured), won’t make any difference to the leak trac, they do either.

Hi John,
We are in Creuse in the Limousin, my installer tells me that he has been unable to locate anyone. He has tried himself to find the leak using an electronic system that I believe finds the leaks by detecting where it goes to earth. The liner is a Renaulit one which was heat welded in sections.

I must admit to not having a huge amount of confidence in your installer not that it helps you to know that. The interesting thing about liners is, as apposed to opinion, that the leak can be well away from where the water stops dropping because the liners are stretched by the water and removal of some of the water can cause the pin hole/slit to actually close up. Therefore the pool will have to be fully filled and then start the leak trac process.

With regards to the installer I am of the same opinion, the problem being that he has a history of some 14 years and they had glowing testimonials along with a photo album of past projects. On paper it seemed a surefire winner, however the proposed 4-5 months for the job has now turned into 16 months with no end in site as there are other issues to be resolved. We have filled the pool about 5 times now, each time allow him to find the leak(s). I will mention the Leak Trac system to him but I suspect I will be told that he has tried that avenue…

Well I probably don’t know him so won’t be too harsh we can all have a bad day. It’s how you get out of the bad and back into the good that sorts the men from the boys as it were. It sounds like he has used the leak trac but using and being halfway decent isn’t the same thing, I haven’t failed to find a leak with it. Some people are too impatient, as to history is that 14 years experience or 1 years repeated 14 times like most pool builders I have come across. Which liner did you go for, They make some fabulous new textured finishes and I want to re-furbish mine but other project are taking precedence at least for this year.

Our pool is a rectangular 10x5 metre with the first third or so being 1.2metres deep which has a textured finish on the bottom it then slopes down to a deep end and has the same liner as the sides which is Renolit Alkorplan 3000 verni imprimé. You say you have used the Leak Trac system, are you a pool builder and if so in which area and do you do just leak detection when you are here? The system employed by my installer has a bleeping noise that diminishes when a leak is detected, it seems a bit crude and about faced to me, surely silence and then a sound would be the better option.
Thanks for your time John.

Hi Terry, yes I am a pool technician, don’t get much call for building pools anymore but there are plenty to fix and improve. I am just south of Tours and have traveled a fair bit of France for work, naturally around the Dordogne and Limousin. I carry out leak testing and all other aspects of pool work.

The leak trac, if used properly is silent except for a clicking and produces a louder continuous sound when you get closer to the leak.

John if you have no objections I would like to pass your details on to my installer who is English speaking. I am desperate for him to engage with an expert on leak detection. Thoughts?

Graham thank you for the suggestion, all things considered we may end up doing that, if we do I will let you know the outcome.

Sure Terry, you may want to private message me for privacy reasons.

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