Leaking swimming pool

I have a leak/leaks in my pool. It is in the pipes most likely between the skimmers and the pump. I am looking for a company or person to find it. I know there are companies that do this in the USA and some places in France but cannot find anyone in the Charente or near. Does anyone know of one?


Steve - you can tell people what you do and add the link to your SFN home page. Just no links anywhere else on the site.

And if you'd like to advertise, contact James Higginson directly james@kingswharf.net

Hope this clears things up! Thanks Catharine x

We're based in the Languedoc but can cover other areas as well. I'll post our web site address in another post, so if its not allowed the moderators wil take action im sure, but we are also listed in the business directory

You are asolutely correct.

Read the instructions very carefully and put the filter on recirculate

David, it's an old thread Steve bumped up, I would imagine it has all been sorted by now.

Fix a leak is good in certain circumstances but it is very important that the filter is NOT used when the treatment is in the system only recirculate otherwise you'll need a new filter as it will set the sand like concrete! fixing that permanently.

Depending on how big the leak is I have found a product called Fix A Leak suitable for slow leaks.

Manufactured by a Canadian company and available from their Belgian distributers.

A simple Google search will give you all the details.

Our leak was in pipes between the pump and the outlet.

Welcome Steve,

A valuable resource but whereabouts are you situated in france? It's big place compared to the UK and often prices you and me off work outside our immediate regions.

James & Catharine are the owners of the site so ask them directly about mentioning your website. You can send me the link though, always interested. john@le-pre.co.uk

Coming a bit late to this discussion, but after several frustrating years of pool leaks and getting nowhere with the French companies, I have now formed a brand new Pool Leak Detection Company, working in conjunction with, and using unique technology from, an established UK Company. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention our web site, perhaps the moderator can advise if this is permissable, but in the meantime if anybody is in need of pool leak detection and repair, please do contact me.

Steve M

Pleasure. Try Sean first - he works independently as well as through Vendee Pools. I found him knowledgeable and experienced and visited one of his pool sites during construction. (We are still trying to get zoning permission to get a pool built and a field alongside the house).

Many thanks for the information Doron.

Try Brian McHale at Vendee Pools (02 51 51 35 67, or 06 31 17 25 60). One of is main pool builders (Sean) lives near Cognac. Both have been very helpful. I think Sean's mobile is 06 78 67 76 80. Good luck.

Bonjour, can you forward the ctc details of your company, please




0781 444545