Learn to cook with a Chef


I am looking to start up a 'cooking school' and would like to have feed back from anyone interested in knowing more, the idea is to have a place where "you" can come and learn how to cook like a chef, the idea is not new perhaps but I think it can work as good food is what we all want, especially about presentation of food which is a very important part of eating.

Please post your ideas and get in touch if interested


hi iam a chef in france and i love it there a lot more products to pick from regards kim

When I was at the France show last year, there was a huge amount of interest in cookery schools and the couple there who had a stand were inundated. I think there is a huge market - yes there are already lots but if you can offer something different or exceptional accommodation etc etc…I would also suggest you post this in the Food lovers group as you will probably get a better response there. C x

Hello Martin
Thanks for the heads up, my cooking style is French and would like to set up a school for English folk who want to learn the “secrets” of french cuisine, or vice versa the english way of cooking, will take a look


Hi Gary,
There are plenty of cooking schools across France run by Brits just do a quick Google search. Are there any near to you?
I suposse the first thought is, what are you going to offer that is different or special?

May be worth chatting to some that are already doing it. I follow “cookinfrance” on Twitter who is based in the Dordogne.

I think it can be very successful with the right courses and marketing. Good luck with it.