Learn to drive in France

Did you learn to drive in France?

What is the procedure?

What age can you begin the process?

What is a good choice of vehicle?

Who is a good choice of insurer?

What advice can you give to a prospective driver?



HI, my daughter, 16, just started. So the age is obviously 16. She needed to pass a theoretical test. Now she is doing her driving lessons with the school. Minimum 20 she needs, but has been told it will be around 26. Parents can join her in order not to teach her mistakes and to understand what to look at. She needs to drive then with us in order to collect miles. With 18 she can then do her practical test. After this she has to have the A sticker on the car for one year. We reported it to our insurance company, but they did not really care. Quite straight forward. Search for ECAF. Compare the prices - worth while.