Lease a Kia Soul (electric) for use in French countryside?


My question is about the feasability of owning and using an electric car, in the French countryside.

I’m thinking of leasing a Kia Soul.

Anyone have any experience with electric cars and using them for longer trips through the French countryside?

Hello Mary

Have you had a look at the electric cars thread on here? It’s long but may have the answer.

Here it is

Cheers Mandy. I did see it but was hoping for any thoughts from France. Thanks though.

I did hope that perhaps someone who has a Kia Soul might respond… Also someone who is in the countryside.

But this was a good article that Stella had provided on the other thread:

It seems to get a cautions thumbs up here:

The low (96 mile) range seems to be the main issue, you might want to research the location of the charging network locally unless all of your daily trips fit in with the range.

Personally I think that they are as ugly as sin and the EV version is overpriced.

That said we’ll all be driving EVs of one sort or another in 20 years.

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We are in France Mary :slight_smile: I think the increase in electric vehicles is hard to spot unless you’re on the lookout for them. but from my observations Plug in hybrids are increasing all the time, I’ve spotted two local Teslas in Draguignan and a few Leafs (Leaves?) and a Twizzy (with the driver on the phone) whizzed past me while I sipped a café yesterday and we saw a Zoe in Lorgues. So all in all I’d say they’re on the imcrease.


I live in a rural area and there are charging stations in most small towns. My next car will be an EV but I’m prepared to wait for the technology to go up a rung or two before I join the club.


Wait for the Kia Niro out later this year or if it’s something a bit smaller then the Hyundai Kona. Better looking, better range, better everything

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Technology up or price down?

Hyundai Kona did 310 miles with 2% battery left at an average 90 km/ hour

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I’m eyeing a new motor but not, currently, an EV - I want the technology to mature a bit yet - ideally I would like >300 mile range, prices new < £30k and, importantly, I’d like to know whether governments are going to respond to the loss of fuel tax revenues with duty on recharging. I’d also quite like to know how domestic electricity supplies are going to cope once everyone has an EV on charge overnight. Battery technology could do with improving a bit as well to solve the problems with capacity dropping over time (this being what would put me off buying a 2nd hand EV)

If I could buy an EV with ~350 mile range, new, for less than £30k I would do so but I am not aware of such a beast. I can’t afford a Tesla.

Currently fancy a Honda Civic Type R

450-500k range 300 is not enough.

Already there+ 310 was miles.

Overnight charging is at 3kw so no problems at all. Whilst I would enjoy a bit more range, I honestly need to stop to get the legs moving, Bring back my attention levels and have a coffee/tea etc so a break 200- 250 miles will allow a bit of charging (facilities prevailing) waiting for the slightly larger Kia Niro to appear, ok the mileage will be a little reduced but I think I can cope.

A guy in UK with a Tesla for his taxi has done over 300k miles, battery degredation less than 5% good enough for me.

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The potential issue with overnight EV charging is how your local substation copes when 200 people are pulling that 3kW. It’s not an issue with just a few % market penetration but it could well become one.

The Kia Niro is, I agree, quite close to my EV “specification” but not quite there yet - I would want to be able to do the journey down to the house on one charge (unless Brittany Ferries start to offer charging during the crossing). I’m not keen on the SUV crossover look either (generically, that is).

In terms of range and battery longevity Tesla show that it can be done - at a price!

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It will in most cases not be necessary to charge every night as normal driving is 50-70 km per day so the load is not that bad.
Have to look at Norway for guidance, way ahead.

Sorry, I meant miles!

Out of interest how often do you do trips like that? Trying to figure out similar myself it came down to trips to France from the UK. Even in the UK max journey around 120 miles in one leg of the trip.
Standard driving about 80miles per week, when in France that can be 750 miles.

Another not terribly pretty car, but then, I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The range on modern EV’s is certainly increasing in leaps and bounds but the Kona does illustrate another problem I have with them (EV’s in general).

It costs £25k (all but a fiver) even with the government grant - which is an 8.5k premium over the base petrol model. I’m not sure which model it corresponds to but it’s a big premium for a vehicle who’s value will drop like a stone on the 2nd hand market.

To France? As often as I can :slight_smile:

Seriously, we make the return trip once every couple of months - two legs 130 and 180 miles but no great opportunity for charging en route.

My commute could easily be handled by an EV

Long journeys I generally only stop every 4-5 hours or when the tank needs filling, even if I have a coffee I don’t usually hang around very long and I already hear of problems with long queues at charging stations - this will be sorted, I am sure, but will probably get worse before it gets better.

Sounds similar to me. I have a charge map app so will try to use that whilst driving my ICE scenic trips to see how it will work out . I see lots of slow chargers on the app and the faster ones in IKEA branches, that could work as Tours and Rouen have Ikea’s. Hopefully the other stations will be upgraded soon