Leasing out our kitchen

We’ve bought an old “Auberge” in the Correze which, until relatively recently, was run as a restaurant. We, however, purchased it as a house and not a business. It has a commercial kitchen in it, so we are thinking of leasing out both the kitchen and downstairs area for a few nights a week to a local Chef.
Has anyone any experience of doing this? What are the pitfalls or legalities with this idea?

I do not think you can describe your idea as a a leasing project,
You are offering Your home for use as a pop up restaurant.
It would be legal if you obtained a restaurant liscence and run
it yourself employing staff…
You would then be liable for the tax.
Not sure that you can do it any other way…
Any one else see it in a different light?

I guess if the property has been a business in the past it should be possible to arrange a commercial lease. You would need to do it through a notaire and obviously pay tax on the rental income.

The chef would then take the lease and presumably he has his own business structure through which to pay his taxes etc. I don’t think you can lease a property for a few nights a week, either it’s leased or it isn’t, I believe there is a minimum rental period for commercial premises, but I imagine you can make an agreement on how many nights a week he opens and agree the rent on that basis.

The premises and equipment would obviously have to be inspected and kept up to standard and business taxes would have to be paid, not sure whether you or the chef would be responsible for all this but no doubt the notaire will sort all that out, and will also advise on the implications for you of dividing your property between residential and business use.

It won’t be simple, not something to try and set up yourself without involving a notaire. And once all the taxes and expenses have been paid, not sure how cost effective it will be. You and the chef need to do the sums.