Leaving and re-entering France with expired Carte de Sejour

I am an american living and working here in France as a researcher (doing my Ph.D.) since October 1st, 2017. I had 3 year contract the whole time (Oct 2017-Oct 2020), but I was slow in my Ph.D. and I won’t finish until late January. My contract here has been extended until Dec 31, 2020 but not the CdS yet. I also have a new contract that I will sign at a different university in Feb 2021. All this to say, I am here more or less completely legally.

When I first came, I had a visa, then a 1 year CdS, then a 2 year CdS which expired October 26th, 2020. I applied to renew my CdS in September once my contract had been extended to Dec 31, 2020. It seems with covid and everything that the prefecture will not be seeing me before January for a first appointment. I have to travel to Ireland in December as part of my work. Is there any way to travel to Ireland and return to France just using my US passport? Will it be risky?

Ring the US embassy in Paris?

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Do you have anything to show your application for renewal, and perhaps even an appointment at préfecture for January?

Also do keep an eye on travel restrictions, as who knows what they will be then.