Leaving France - demenagement advice

Hello, I’m new to the site but hoping that I might get some advice on how to empty my French house when the sale goes through … so the questions would be (1) how to sell some things locally (Golfe de St Tropez) (2) how to arrange house clearance for what is left and (3) if I need professional movers to take the rest back to the UK how does that work with quarantine? Thanks for your thoughts!

To sell things use leboncoin, then contact a local company who does “service debarass” or your nearest brocante to get rid of the rest, or Emmaus.

And professional haulage companies are exempt from quarantine.


Yes, that is true, and I saw a ‘wagon and drag’ of a British removal company parked all day outside our local fire station yesterday, with a tranny van dancing attendance.

No idea whether they were loading or unloading, but either way, for someone deep in the sticks where a large vehicle cannot go. Pricy I would think, the small van was British too from the same company, a long journey to come all the way with such a small vehicle just to do some local deliveries.

If it is of any help to Carolyn, the company is ‘Anglo-French’. A bit of googling should find them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Here they are: https://www.anglofrenchremovals.co.uk/

Thank you :slight_smile: