Lebara Mobile Telephone service

Just purchased a Monthly Bundle for 4.99 Euros which included 1 GB Data and unlimited national calls /sms . All went well with calls very good signal. But I then realized after I moved out of range of my Home wifi signal that the Data part of the Bundle was not working. I had to contact the help service via the internet, after 17 days I a code to activate the Data.
Now I have noticed that the SMS service is not working HAS anyone else had this problem if so PLEASE advise me of the code to enable for the 4.99 Euro Bundle as it is becomming annoying as the bank wants to send verication codes etc.

I’ve never heard of them Chalky. Ten years with Free at €2 PM, only 100mb but never a glitch. I also have three other lines with them @ 19.99 pm, never a glitch. Maybe you should cut your losses with your carrier?

I thought they had gone belly up years ago @Chalky , I did sign up in the dim and distant past but the only way to recharge the credit was to find a Presse shop that did such a thing. As they all seemed to be in Paris not much good to me but one day in a nearby town I ‘forced’ a newsagent who had given the usual shake of the head to search his comnputer and there he found them right at the bottom of a list. As even that was a 30 km round trip I dtiched them and found another way.

Trying to remember how long ago that was, perhaps someone might know if I say it was under discussion on Total France forum before they were bought out by a holiday sales company or whatever. A long time ago. :roll_eyes:

Hardly belly up. Things have moved on.


They will be using one of the major networks (Vodafone in the UK) so that will decide how good your service will be.

Just checked, they use Orange in France.

Was with Lebara (France) for a few months but had to switch as the service was atrocious, internet kept cutting out, frequently couldn’t receive calls etc. Switched to LycaMobile which was a similar price but much better (even if their emails were all in a hotpotch of badly written French, Spanish (?!) and English.)

You have to set up the APN for Lebara on the phone. It’s either on the back of the page the SIM card arrived stuck to and/or Lebara send the phone a text with how to set it up shortly after your first call or sms on the new SIM. Max 48hrs after that first activity ( not just firing it up) prob 24-36hrs.

It’s not a complicated APN to enter just type in what the text Lebara sends tells you. Save the APN then reboot phone and voilà your data works