Leboncoin scam

At least I think it's a scam - it certainly looks like one.

I advertised a cooker on the site a while ago, put my phone and email details on the ad. Later got a voicemail saying that someone was interested, please call this premium rate number to be put through to the buyer. If you call the number a recorded message witters at you for ages in order to run up the cost of the call, then says you will be put through. After half a dozen rings the line cuts off and a message says there was no answer.

On reflection I decided I'd been scammed, as my contact details were on the site for people to get in touch with me direct, and I see nothing on Leboncoin saying that buyers will be routed through any such system.

Looking at my phone bill, this has cost me the princely sum of 2,50€, which is more irritating than anything else but still the price of a beer and 2,50€ these tosswits weren't entitled to. Grr.

So ... if you get such a message, don't bother calling. And meanwhile, does anyone need a gas cooker? As new, 100€, Grenoble area. :-D

Tout à fait Annie....I put an ad on a couple of years ago to buy a camping car...was (not exactly!) inondated with incredibly cheap offers from people who were out of the country etc and just go round and pick it up...like.......after leaving a deposit ! Dodgy..dodgy..!

Yep, there is another good one on Leboncoin too, you put yopur article up for sale with pics,someone says they are interested and can you send more pics/info. Lo and behold you see your article up fpr sale again a few days later with another telephone number etc. of course this “new owner” wants a deposit up front…need I say more? Great scam fpr expensive cars/camper vans etc.
We too have bought sold and rented through Le bon coin, some real bargains, but you do have to be consciente that if it seems too good to be true it is because it is!

Idem on leboncoin for a van...several "buyers" from Bukhino Fharso(I know it probably isn't spelt rite !)...but it's a good site all the same..just be a bit wary like with everything on Internet...I "win" a lottery every week for example ! Don't click...don't phone !Good day to all !....ps I loved James's so simple and watchable video of his family on the beach...the dogs are great !bravo !

It is just another scam. i work in a hotel and regularly get reservation requests for groups of Greek priests, newly appointed clergy and special requests for sick people. As most gite owners will probably know They ask you to organise accommodation, transport, trips and meals etc. and pay you by card, always overpaying by 100's of euros, that you immediately send back to them, as per their request. Trouble is the payment to you is never honoured, so you are out of pocket. the 0702 phone number is the giveaway, premium rate transfer line to Nigeria and Cote d'Ivoire. Any gite or chateau owner interested, i keep a file on letters and names etc on my database at work.

Best one this week - A Lybian prince's father was killed in the recent troubles, he has millions of dollars of gold to get out of the country. He needs help and finance to organise as the new regime will not allow it, it return I will get 30% of it's value as a thank you.

I can't wait, you are all invited for cocktails on my yatch at Monaco after I have completed the deal, but don't hold your breath, we may have to settle for a beer in Flunch.

Also bought and sold quite a few things on leboncoin, never had any trouble.

Isn't there someone like com-reg that you can go to about the money?? Yes,it's not a lot, but if 2.50 is taken from enough people, the scammers are getting away with robbery on a grand scale. Maybe a trip to the police is in order?

I recently 'sold' my van 17 times to some very nice people from Nigera who had fallen in love with it on lebon, its the first time its happened selling stuff on there, but I guess they are no different to anyone else when it comes to scammers.

We advertised our apartment on various sites including Bon Coin and when I checked, I had inadvertently checked, 'masque my number' (maybe it was prechecked as I don't remember doing it) and we got several of the calls before we looked at the advert again.

Once we unticked the box, it stopped.

I've been getting them too but have just ignored them (because I'm tight...!) - so good to know - thanks Christa.

Yes it's a scam, bought and sold loads of things on leboncoin but never heard of that :-O

And sorry, I don't need the cooker, have one in the barn that we ought to sell too...!