Leboncoin site

When I try to search on this site, whenever I press search ,it goes back to the map I don`t have a problem with any other site. Is there a procedure to searching. ? Thanks Bill

that site has a poor UI but its great cause P2P...

Side-recommendation (i know not relevant to the thread).

Friend of mine got scammed with fake money selling a camera...
Make sure money is real and another pro-tip: make appointment in third party location not your home.

Parking lot of commercial space, bank (they got camera), ask for ID when dealing... use common sense

Mike's right , it is the translation program. Either turn the auto translate off or, when you get to the search page, untranslate (not sure thats a real word - on my Chrome browser, click on the translate button on the toolbar and choose show original page).Took me ages to work it out as I was working in a portuguese speaking country so had auto translate on all the time. Talk of updates to Flash are drivel


You flash is not updated

I had that problem with Chrome so switched to Firefox and all OK now

Same here if i get stuck with the language use translate makes no difference the site still works

I dont have a problem with using Chrome Leboncoin opens up in home gives the map of France click on the area you want to search in and put in you item simples in fact i am about to advertise 2 light Sussex chicks

No problems with the site at all.

Used Chrome and Firefox with no problems even with translate ?

Thanks for all your reply`s.

With a special thanks to Mike Summers, it works when translate is off.

I will now try to learn French.

regards Bill

I use it on Chrome (I have a Chromebook). Never any problem. Try typing in to Google 'Leboncoin/Bretagne' (obviously using your own area) and click on the direct link. Might help.

I hade this the other day in Chrome, but using translate. Took that off and it was fine?

Open the site, choose your region, then right hand top for department then place of postcode. If you miss any of that you might get bounced back to the map, otherwise I am in and out a couple of times a week, no problem with any server but as Carl says Adblocker and the equivalents for cookies mess it up because the whole site is designed to carry them. If you are using Adblocker then simply put it off to search the site.

The site works perfectly for me with Chrome on my Android tablet and "proper" Win 7 PC. It sounds as if you have some setting activated on your machine that conflicts with the site. It doesn't seem to be a general Chrome problem.

Fine for me using Firefox 39 or Chrome on Win7

no problems using chrome and leboncoin here and haven't in the nearly 10 years I've used the site

I was on Google chrome, but since reformatting, have gone onto Internet Explorer, but still have the problem.

Leboncoin is not totally compatible with some search engines, it will work OK on Internet Explorer, but as you say reverts to the map if on Chrome....

Great site. Terrible code, Terrible servers.

Add and cookie blockers basically kill the whole site. I keep internet explorer free of any such add-ons and that way it will work (sometimes).

Like Angloinfo the servers take a dump whenever there is any real load.

Just tried it and, as ever, it works perfectly... ;-)