Ledge and Brace doors

Can you get them here i have searched every shop but cant find them do they have such a thing today ? they must have done them at some time as we have two in the house, albeit thick enough to stop an anti tank shell

I had local carpenters make them for me.

Or Lapeyre has this http://www.lapeyre.fr/menuiseries/portes-de-service/sapin/porte-de-service-sapin-n28.html

Try looking for "porte de service" on Google Images, that throws up a couple

Must admit I have not seen them for sale here either.

But then again they are such an easy diy project that I guess there is no market for them. With the Volet materials you can buy off the shelf you could make one up in no time at all.

One pointer......do not make the brace too tight....better to be slightly loose believe it or not