LeFrench Mobile experience

Has anyone had experience with this service? I currently have telphone purchased from Tesco in Ireland about 7 years ago to use when we are in Europe. Tesco is proving difficult, they voided my account because I had not used it in over a year, with no advance warning.

The terms of service for LFM seem good for someone who is over here once a year or less and as long as you top-up once a year, your phone and account is still good?

Ooooh I might go and have a look at that Patrick. I've not been able to connect to voicemail and I know I've got a message on there. It starts to ring then disconnects immediately. Maybe there's a clue on the website, unless it's my actual phone being stoopid ...

Yes, there is a way to top-up and check balances online without doing the smartphone registration thing. Finally got this info from customer service. They said they are having their admin team look into more information being provided regarding my questions and situation. As I said, the phone thing is slightly different from American providers, mostly we get the smart phones for "free", no charge but requires a contract and they own and control it. LFM accepted me taking a pic of my driver's license (US) and a pic of their registration card and emailing it to customer service so now I'm supposedly registered and can go online to check balances and top-up. I'm now trying to set up my voice-mail announcement; LFM has all sorts of online FAQs about changing, turning it off and redirecting your voice-mail, but nothing about how to set it up initially. I may be a total troglodyte on some of this stuff; only been using the computer for 43 years now.

It's possible to have smartphones unlocked - I've seen posts about it somewhere I think? Re checking the balance there must be a facility on the website somewhere, I would hope. I actually don't know as my situation was a bit "which came first the chicken or the egg". I couldn't register my credit card with them because you know a secure code which is sent by SMS but there was no reception at the house so I could never get the code at the same time as being online. Ho hum. So in the end one of my neighbours registered and got the card for me. He's the one who can access the website, not me, so I never know my balance either. Fun, innit.

Thanks for the comment Valerie. I ordered the All-Europe Simm and phone since my iPhone is locked in the US (maybe unique to my cell plan in the US?) and I wanted a phone to use for just texts and voice while in France and in Europe. Phone arrived and I wish there was more documentation and a fuller explanation before I bought the package. It is necessary to have an UNLOCKED Smartphone to set up an account to check your balances and top-up. This was not explained on the website nor with the documentation sent with the phone/simm. I can top-up via their website (after lots of emails to customer service) and I assume check my balance as I cannot access their info from the phone when I am in the US. Although their customer service and support is via English-speaking folks, I believe they are in a place where English is the second or third language as I hope I'm being understood. As always, when things seem to be too good to be true, they aren't true.

Hi Patrick, I switched to LFM a few months ago as I wanted a phone purely for emergency sake, not for making calls. I have a little one in school so need to be contactable if out etc and I was so fed up with having to top up on Orange every couple of weeks for a device that was basically not otherwise in use. LFM seems to work. I get coverage virtually anywhere I've had to go to and you don't need to constantly top the thing up - once there's credit on there, it simple stays there so for my purposes especially it's perfect.