Left Facebook! Why?

(Bernhard (Bernie) Otupal) #1

So finally I got off Facebook. It’s a bit lonely sometimes, but it was my decision. I am now on mewe. Nice alternative. Today I found a post which summarises the why:

Hey Awesome MeWe members!

We are all so lucky to be at MeWe - I count my lucky stars every day. With the relentless onslaught of news about Facebook’s never-ending manipulations and violations of good people, MeWe is the oasis - social done right with NO BS.

Political Censorship, Shadow Banning, Algorithm Bias

I am outraged at the censorship, political bias, and shadow banning on Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube. As a Libertarian, I find this idea entirely contrary to the definition of social media. A social media company isn’t a political party of a particular persuasion. No. A social media company is a home and community where we enjoy our friends, families, new ideas and like-minded constituencies. Both privately and publicly at our choosing, it is a place that offers diverse opinions, lifestyles, and discourse for us to engage in and enjoy. This is the soul of our republic and democracy at large. This is what MeWe is and offers.

People want to support companies that share their values. So it’s not surprising so many people are ditching Facebook given the company’s terrible behavior. Every day the news is peppered with reveals of more Facebook violations that cause harm and distress to people and interfere with democracy.

Facebook Listens to Your Phone

Facebook listens to your phone if you’ve got their app installed. You’ve likely experienced this bizarre and scary trick - one minute you’re talking with a friend about somebody or something - the next minute Facebook is sending you a notification or putting something in your newsfeed about it. Weird, dangerous, and creepy. Facebook has become Big Brother.

The fact is Facebook is a data company, not a social network. But somehow they’ve also become a political company acting as if they know what is best for each of us and what news we should read. Their algorithms manipulate people’s newsfeeds and they’ve sold us down the river - given our data to the Russians, and allowed all kinds of creepy companies to learn private things about us and target us. Facebook defines the word ‘creepy.’ Facebook’s values are shared with no one.

MeWe is Here, Hooray!

At MeWe we welcome everyone . We have no agenda except to serve you, our members, with the best social media experience ever imagined. MeWe members enjoy MeWe’s great Privacy Bill of Rights, and we’ve got a “Poison Pill” in our Privacy Policy to prevent any BS like WhatsApp did, giving all their member data to Facebook after promising they wouldn’t.

I like to think of MeWe as my virtual “kitchen table” - hanging out with new friends and old friends, having real conversations, learning new things, making great connections and enjoying real life, together.

At MeWe, our entire team is dedicated to making your experience here completely brilliant.

We invite you to tell all your friends that MeWe is here and to come on over and enjoy social media done right!

Cheers Everyone,


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(Timothy Cole) #2

Please could you inform people of the costs of being on MeWe as I believe it’s not really free unlike FB etc.

(Bernhard (Bernie) Otupal) #3

Mewe is so far completely free. I did not pay anything so far. There can be optional costs. I found some information here:

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(Meghann Robbe) #4

I left fb years ago and my children do not have accts either. Yes i do miss chats …but what i dont miss is the feeling of sadness cause no one picks up the phone to chat or even a sweet card in the mail! Maybe a lil old school…but i sure miss our old way of communicating!!:phone::memo:

(David Martin) #5

I use Facebook and it works for me. I have friends and family spread all over the world and am kept up to date with their lives in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible a few years ago. I also belong to a few specialist pages. I certainly do not experience any of the negative news and advertising horror stories I’ve read about and have no intention of closing my account and risking losing touch with so many people.

(Bill Morgan) #6

Remember first time I went off cruising, to The Med, in 69, keeping in touch with family was v’ difficult, (hadn’t the dosh to phone) Poste Restante, trying to predict ones next address on route. No,
email, facebook are,
Just ‘a wee bit’ more convenient :+1: :wink:

(Timothy Cole) #7

We have a family page on FB which works well as we’re now spread all over the place, great way to keep in touch and to post photos from holidays etc. Used in the correct way I don’t see why any form of social media (including FB) should present a problem.

(Jeanette Leuers) #8

I understand anyone’s rage, loathing, but I will probably stick with it… mostly because my “friends” are so many global strangers, I’ve just bumped into… via that site, whose thoughts/ideas are ‘instant translates’…
The pure beastliness of those horrible attempts to force me to join in, take part, buy, ‘like’…etcetc and the cloying nausea of fb sentiment…pushes me close to the edge, sometimes.

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(Bob Sivell) #9

FB sadly is the only way I can stay in touch with certain folks. It annoys me sometimes that people develop a FB mentality i.e. taking offence at just about everything, unless defined by the appropriate emoji.
I will stay there for a while longer, but perhaps take more breaks.

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(Jeanette Leuers) #10

There are different face book pages to start with. Against all FBs own pressure …notes telling me I’m not getting the best page or how I’m missing out on FB wonderful assistance, by not clicking on this or that recommended button, I choose always the full page that allows me to make my choice more than theirs. Especially loathesome is their pick for my notifications… Its possible to cancel some influences…like their idea of most popular, often most beastly, posts…and choose eg…by most recent, list, instead.

(Jane Williamson) #11

Friends only for us.