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hey guys… any information on changing a long stay visa to a working or residency visa?? my partner is french and im a new zealander if that makes a difference??


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Sorry for the late reaction but I have just realised our 100th (and 101st in fact) members! Congratulations and thank you all to make F.A.B. fab!

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Dear Jeanette,

Could you please add this as a discussion?
At this stage it is difficult to reply as there are many variables to consider in your matter. Please do not hesitate to include details if you wish. Otherwise, I would be happy to have a chat with you if you prefer.

Important pieces of information include: the type of deed, the nature of the errors, the mention of any damage or loss incurred by these errors …

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Their no. is 0545 82 03 20 and email
I used my bank for insurance for the first year and this was much more expensive than Generali, they were also pretty relaxed about a U.K reg car (the bank less so) also all those years ago the English agents were easier to understand and French insurance is complicated e.g it’s harder to cancel just because you find some one cheaper/better and it rolls over each year unless you send a recorded letter to cancel it etc.

Well, just went to Assurland and filled in all the fields as best I could. As far as I could understand, my request for insurance has been sent to the local MMA chap, who was the cheapest. I’ll try and get this done today, just in case we are not properly insured. Thanks Rebekah.

We’ve just got a new car and we had to insure it ourselves before driving it. Normally, the vendor’s insurance ends asa they sell it. Generali will insure it straight away and email you a vignette to print out and put in the car, we normally pay by dd as we have various vehicles (van, scooter etc).

Thanks Rebekah. So I’m okay to drive it whilst shopping around for a new policy?

Normally the insurance ends when the car is sold and you have to take out a new policy, but you are right in thinking that the car is insured, so anyone with a licence can drive it. Why not shop around as prices vary considerably- we have found Generali in Cognac- done via phone/internet to be quite cheap and they speak English.

Could someone please explain to me the French method of car insurance? My understanding is that in France, unlike the UK or Ireland, the car is insured. I recently bought a car which is insured until end September. I contacted the AXA agent with whom the previous owner insured the car, and asked him to change the name on the policy to my name. He is now asking me to pay a full year’s premium ( I think) but I don’t understand the form he has emailed to me. He also wants a note of the mileage. My husband and I both have full, clean Irish licences, and a clean driving record, both for over 30 years. I have evidence of No Claims Bonus for 9 years. All documentary evidence has been scanned and sent to this agent. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

@Hilary, maybe ask Josette over in je ne sais quoi???

Could anyone tell me what ‘Complex ptsd’ (post traumatic stress disorder) would be in French? First step to getting some help. Thanks.

What a crook!

Glen that’s appalling, thanks for the warning.

It’s probaly about 8 years ago, I suppose. If nobody comes up with a better answer, I’d be happy to phone a couple of people eg insurance co, DREAL (who check foreign vehicles). Is your door on the “wrong” side?

@Christine, I had some friends who tried to register a British caravan without success because the door is on the wrong side, they gave up and sold it back in the UK.

Thank you so much. I hate leaving things unresolved and will feel much happier when everything is back on track. Communication is a wonderful thing isn’t it!

The “pink slip” of the French registered post with acknowledgement of reception (lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception or LRAR) is signed by the recipient and therefore proves the date of reception.

@Lorraine Langston

Dear Lorraine,

Before appointing a new electrician, it would be advisable to send the “current” one a letter (recorded delivery) explaining that you relieve him from his obligation to carry out the work. In return, he will be bound not to request any further payment to what has been paid so far will constitute a final settlement for the work done so far. He may reply to this letter but in any case, it would be useful to add a deadline starting on the day of reception of the letter. You can explain that in the absence of any reply before the set date, it will be considered that he agrees to the terms of your letter and that the matter will therefore be considered as settled. You should then be able to appoint another electrician.

CONSUEL (Comité National pour la Sécurité des Usagers de l’Electricité) can deliver a compliance certificate to evidence it to ERDF that will then, if the installation is compliant, connect the property. If you are already connected, the certificate should not be compulsory but an electrician may insist on this to evidence that his work is compliant (and potentially waive his liability).

I hope this helps.