Legal and Official support

In the process of completing our project in Monflanquin (47) so far have managed to keep on top of the various official letters and emails, but would like to have access to someone who is not a lawyer but can give the advice we are looking for and make enquiries or answer some of the official letters we receive.
I know of a lady who lives up in Eymet who does carry out this service but interested to know if anyone has knowledge of anyone closer.
We have a local lawyer but sometimes we just require a different level of advice.

Try ecrivain public in yellow pages for official letters

It sounds as if you are looking for a “hand holder” as I believe they are often called.
An écrivain public would certainly write letters for you and explain the meaning of the letters you receive but it is not really their job to advise you, plus they would probably not speak English which perhaps you are looking for although you do not say so?

The lady might well know someone who is closer to you… why not ask the question…