Legal requirements for selling on French markets

I've been an A.E. for 4 years. I now want to try selling goods on the markets in France, as I've discovered a new product which I believe will sell well .
Without going through the rigmarole of asking the Chamber of Commerce (CCI), can anyone who has recently started selling on the markets, give me a little insight into how I have to register, change my A.P.E (Activité Principale Exercée), complete a course etc.? Any info would be much appreciated.....And would save me a lot of time and effort. Thanks in advance :)

Thank you both very much for your help. I think it's CCI here I come.

Hi, I am and have been a commerçant non-sédentaire for about 3 years. I started on selling bags - a great product that I thought would sell: it didn't - I moved on to selling 2nd hand guitars and Rock 'n' Roll T-shirts. Please see my facebook page,

I still have some great guitars for sale if anyone is interested, see that link above.

I have now moved on again to Food / Alimentaire: please see my Facebook page,

Yes, as Helen explains below, to present yourself at a market to Le Placier, you need 2 things: (i). your carte de commerçant, and (ii). proof of your civil liability insurance, i.e. a piece of paper showing that you have a policy in place and have paid for it, i.e. protecting the public against you as a market trader. Mine costs me about 200 E p.a. and I use AXA.

Yes, I also recommend a book called Rosé en Marché by Jamie Ivey. And yes I have a spare copy if you would like it for 1 euro + postage at cost?

Other tips on market protocol would be very helpful, I am sure. Far too long, far too many! perhaps best by telephone if you are interested, anything on weights, weather protection, vehicles, etc! Anything else I can help with, just ask.

if you are already register to sell / make then all you need to do is apply for a carte ambulante to trade at markets - can't remember the exact cost but it's cheap and you get it via the cci

This link will explain it better