Legal requirements on business website

Hi. I am a coach with a LTD business in UK.
I am moving to France and closing Limited business to setup as an Auto entrepreneur in France.
I think I need to update my business website to comply with France law.
Can anyone advise me what is required for an autoentrepreneur in terms of requirements?
My customers will still mainly be in the UK but I will be based in France and will be a French autoentrepreneur so unsure of what to do and don’t want to risk getting fined.

If you come under the Chambre de Mètiers for your particular business then go along and speak to them, they have access to experts who can help you and also point you in right direction for your registration, social payments, Impôts,health and pension bodies etc plus your all important SIRET registration for which you cannot trade without. France is a minefield where paperwork is concerned and you need to get it right or else there could be trouble

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