Legal responsiblity

Hello all, Wondering if anyone knows the fench law on the following. Someone I thought was a friend has recently sent me a recorded delivery letter with a bill. In the letter he states that my dogs are out of control and that if I do not pay the enclosed bill he will take this matter further. The story is this: I have 3 dogs, all refuge dogs, two labrit crosses and a mutt who is smaller and much younger. The mutt has bags of energy and loves to run. He will run up to people and/or dogs but stops when there and wags his tail or jumps about trying to play. Most people know him and just greet him when he then snifs their dog which then snifs him and they do the usual, wag tails and once satisfied he's greeted the person and or their dog he then returns to me. This particular person treats his dogs as his babies (okay, fair enough I understand that) but is full of fear for them and when my dog approaches in his usual forthright manner he is terrified. On the last occasion I wasn't there but my daughter (31 year old not an adolescent) was walking the dogs and greeted my friend but he started to scream at her to keep the dogs away from his dog then said that our dog was attacking his dog. She tried to calm him down, checked the dog for any damage (none), blood (none) anything (nothing), offered to bring him back to the house for some tea, he refused. And now I have this letter insisting that I pay for his vet fee of 45euro or he will take the matter to the authorities to claim that my dogs are dangerous. I do not want any problems. If I pay the bill am I accepting responsibility? The bill indicates that there was a consultation and a vacination but no stitches nor any note of any problem. I know the vet and can speak to her and ask if the dog was hurt in any way or simply upset as it is a very old dog and has recently been close to dying simply from old age.

This gentleman is not poor, he is quite wealthy and at 80 years plus still earns a good living from writing. But he is known as ncredibly mean. He comes to my house each week as part of a meditation group and refuses to contribute towards the cost of expenses. Despite making sure he eats the biggest portion of the fresh cakes and biscuits I bake. This is also despite knowing that we struggle to pay our bills.

So! Should I pay the bill? Or does that mean I accept my dogs are out of control and does this then give him the means to go further?

What to do?

Unfortunately his age (and maybe bad experiences.....brought on by his own making I would guess) says a lot. Some people don't age well and he sounds like just such a person. If you want, call the vet and mention nothing of the extremity of the charges from the person and ask if the dog were hurt or not ("you were concerned so you called to check.") Or, don't call if you think that the whole thing was made up. I am sure the vet has his number so to speak. Then ignore him. I think he would have a lot of nerve to show up at your house after this. If he does he may say something and you probably should politely tell him that he's not welcome to your home in the future, end of discussion. It will be hard to do perhaps but you need the fellow out of your life any way. Hopefully there will be no legal repercussions. If a lawyer doesn't have enough to do and takes a case like this, obviously his practice is not brisk. Life is too short.

I think he'd be on a sticky wicket getting a court case

a. to pay for vaccinations and consultations

b. for the sum of 45€

c. no evidence to support his claim

I'd say don't pay and cross the road next time you see him without uttering a word

To be honest I think this is the cause. We are supposed to be a spiritual group believing in 'love your neighbour blah blah blah' But some of the group are there just for the free cakes and fed up with this abuse I'd Just announced a couple of day's previously that we could no longer afford to continue offering them free and there would be a charge of 3 euro for as much speciality tea you could drink with as much home made cake as you could eat. I thought it was reasonable! But one of the comments he shouted at my daughter was 'I'm fed up of you and your bl...y fu....g mother!! Umm and what had I or she done I wonder? And this is a guy who claims to be ordained as a monk!!! wonder if he reads these posts?????? Although I notice from his website that it only states that after his divorce he joined a 'monastery' Doesn't mean he was actually ordained does it! My concern is that he's bored and he loves drama (he is a queen) and being rich he could afford to take this as far as he wanted just to watch me squirm. And he's capable of that too! One large juicy slice of cake coming up for tonights meeting!

I cant give you any legal advice but this guy sounds like a person you don't need in your home....if you must have him in again try charging him for the cakes....after the dogs have licked them! -F

Hi Catherine. Sorry to hear that. He sounds like a right misery guts and I can't imagine what would possess him to take advantage of your hospitality if he thinks you have the hound of the Baskervilles in your house. I don't know the legal position I'm afraid but I'd certainly talk to the vet as I'd say that if she is prepared to back his claims then the easiest thing for a simple life would be to pay up and avoid him however hard that might be. Hope it gets resolved soon. Like James I'd be tempted to lace his cakes with something inocuous but unpleasant!