Legislatives 2024

I’m a Macron fan and genuinely believe as he says that he’s doing this for France.

I would have liked him to be more specific about what the Centre will do about law and order, given he mentioned delinquent youngsters making life unliveable in some towns and villages as a factor that has caused voters to move towards the Front National (or whatever they are calling themselves these days). I know “supporting” and other words he used can mean a lot more in French, but somehow I think he needed to say more than just “supporting young people” as what the Centre will do more of if people vote to keep them.

So Mr Macron’s reasons are honest and heartfelt in the first half but I think his speechwriter could have helped him out by proposing some stronger words about action on law and order in the second half.

Right now as it stands, reading between the lines, many communities are going to continue blaming young people of non-French extraction for trouble in their communities, and easy to lump in their own problems as the fault of immigrants or anyone whose family wasn’t always French and I’m not hearing any law and order message from the Centre in this speech (maybe it’s elsewhere).

I think the stated policies need more work in this area by the Centre to head off Fascism / the National Front . As to go by this, the Centre hasn’t offered anything on law and order?

I’m only online and no TV and little radio so I’m hoping there’s a lot from the Centre I will have missed.

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The move to the right seems to be everywhere but in UK.
With regard to law and order and young people, the consumer society must be responsible for much of this.
Nearly all young people have smartphones and are bombarded by advertising for life style products which they have no hope of affording.
Remember, ‘Keeping up with the Jones’s’, this is where it has led us.

Yes, my son sees it all the time with pupils whose parents are unemployed RSA allocataires and yet the kids come to collège with the latest €1000+ smartphones in their bags and then say they cannot afford to buy the obligatory books and pencils etc. That is keeping up with the Jones down and social media has a great deal to answer for in brainwashing young people into thinking all they have to do to earn money is make silly films, abuse others or dress up like plastic female clones with rubbery lips and huge black eyebrows to look attractive. It has gotten very bad now and there seems no way to stop it.


I too like Mr Macron, he seems to speak from his heart most of the time and has a genuine care for his people,maybe because he is one of the youngest presidents and is more intune than previous old men, many of whom have been up before the judge too!

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That’s because the UK has already moved to the right and is, hopefully, about to make a correction.


They can’t go much more to the right though, they are already so far along the spectrum.


I’m not sure that millimetre back towards the centre that is Starmer Labour is really a correction though, I sneezed this morning while driving and moved further to the left than that…




They are saying on France24 that this looks like the most democratically representative parliament make up in the world. What a relief but who will be PM?


It is still in Macron’s gift, but with agreement from the left.

Glad to see democracy prevail in France.


How long does the SF intelligentsia give the NFP before they all start bickering?

Do they revert to their old parties now the blocking alliance has been successful?

Thank the lord, common sense seems to have prevailed at the last minute - phew!

Brave France!

And, Brava :fr:

A good week for democracy and hope.

And quite a good week for Greens 🫛🥦🫛

That’s been their problem since the 90’s maybe well before in the mid 80’s…
I watched the election results on France 2 the left is happy but does not have a united front, no surprise there! The LFI & the PS & left wing greens,seem to be vying for the high ground. From what little I watched it seems to me, that the left is going back to school playground bickering, all on mainstream television on election night. FFS, start arguing and sort things out a few days later then go to the press/population.
Interesting times… The next PM? And how parliament, will react, to amend existing legislation & show they are taking into consideration the less well-off in France, and act on it.
If they don’t do so, the RN will be the next government in 2027 with MLP as President.

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I have to say, looking at the photo of Sir Keir Starmer and his wife outside Downing Street just after he became Prime Minister, it popped into my head that if his wife’s dress had not been red they looked like a Conservative couple.

Perhaps Sir Keir might turn out closer to the decency of the old Conservatives, than the recent Conservatives were.

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?? They just looked like people. But what would you expect them to look like? Should they have been in donkey jackets or bleu de travail?

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They were just conservatively dressed. Her dress reminded me of many, many dresses worn by Conservative wives.

They all wear frumptastic ‘safe’ politicians-wife-dresses.