Length of stay in France

So we are waiting to hear from Notaire regarding our house which we are buying. When it sorts itself out we are hoping to just get to France , take dog and 2 cats but how long can we stay before we have to come back! We are not planning a permanent move as I have a house in UK and my sons are at Uni but how long can you stay without applying for a visa and does it reset per tax year or from 1st jan ?

You don’t need a visa, if you are British - being a citizen of a member state of the EU means you can travel, live and work wherever you like within the EU.

Of course post Brexit who knows.


It’s not actually as simple as that. The attached link gives a good explanation.

Well, subject to the freedom of movement directive.
So technically, you can stay for 3 months as a visitor.

If you are not planning on being resident, be aware that there are implications for setting up your business. For example, your taxe d’hab on your house will be more expensive which will affect your overhead costs.