Les oeufs tindelous

Is anyone able to tell me what les oeufs tindelous are? I have tried google without success. Not often I’m completed stumped :thinking::egg::fried_egg:


Hard boiled eggs with bacon? (and maybe tomatoes)

I’m curious that you had no luck with google - I’d never heard of the dish but the first hit is a recipe which seems straightforward

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I wondered if it might be a homophone corruption of œufs d’Andalucia, and that led to a link to Eggs Flamenco, a Spanish concoction of egg and tomato. My father used to scramble a couple of eggs with a tin of peeled tomatoes in a frying pan: he called it “How to make an egg go a Long Way”, served with bread and margarine it would feed four of us.

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:grin::grin: I just Googled and got some amazing images… but I had misspelt it and typed in oeufs tindalos… (too early, brain not working)… ::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::upside_down_face:


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Thanks Paul. Your google is obviously better than mine!!

So it’s just bacon and egg with a slightly spicy tomato sauce and, of course, a bit of garlic.

I was curious because I saw it as the breakfast offering for the local _Marché aux Fleurs._Not sure I’d want that for breakfast though.