Les Quartiers ~ The St Brieuc Dilemma, Bretagne

Hi everyone. We're hoping that someone can help us with a decision.

We're looking to buy an apartment in St Brieuc. This will be a place we can use ourselves BUT we want to have the option to rent it out long term if need be. An investment for our future if you will.

Having found a couple of places that we like - emphasising the 'we' - and showing them to our French friends, it seems we're on our own as to what we think is charming. They seem to think that being in the middle of town (les halles) is the worst place in the world. They have turned their noses up and reported hellish noise and fights at night in this area. Every city comes with vaigrants and booze bars... it's all part of city living as far as we're concerned - being in the buzz of it. Anyway, one place we like very much is (if it works):


Anyway - the questions for those of you who know St Brieuc well are:

  • Which are nice neighbourhoods and which are, shall we say, less savoury?

  • Where would you live? Where would you avoid?

  • If you were buying - where would you be looking and why?

Thank you for any insights you can share with us.

We're getting more and more confused with everyone's opinions - including our own now!