Let Beautiful Ben Be the Light of Your Life!

Ben's a very loving, sensitive, intelligent guy with a kind, non-aggressive nature. You can carry him about cuddled in your arms while he purrs away. When you ask him for a kiss, he bends his head toward you so you can give him one. He's 7 years young, is neutered, has a passport/microchip, travels happily, and get along well with dogs and cats who are nice to him. He prefers adults/older children, a relatively calm home atmosphere and routine-and will need a safe outdoor garden space away from traffic.

He's an especially wonderful friend and companion; talks away when he has something to say; and shows his pleasure at being a valued and loved member of the family. Because his current human companion is ill, he is looking for a loving new home.![](upload://quOsJqg8WbgO61DodJ05V7v0dyo.jpg) Please message me for more info/photos~

Thanks, Barbara. Sounds like you are doing so much the help cats!

i WISH ....I wish but I have 5 and feeding ferial kittens.

So I really, really hope a lovely human comes along soon and loves him.

He looks adorable.

Thank you Regina~

All the best for Beautiful Ben!

I hope he’ll find a loving new home.