Let's get things into perspective

I am in the middle of a mammoth batch of home-made chocolates and the whole mix has seized… :zipper_mouth_face: (yes, I can save the mix for other stuff… but not for my delicacies).

The Mairie staff are waiting… but are going to be disappointed…as they will now have to wait until after Christmas…

Right now, in my kitchen, it is a disaster zone :roll_eyes:… but listening to the News just now… in the worldwide scheme of things, my happenings are absolutely nothing…

I wonder if we are all at risk of getting too hetup about the wrong things… (I know I was…)… :thinking:


I agree Stella people get worked up about what in the great scheme of things are very minor. Sometimes you need a reality check

Oh Stella, that’s maddening. You must be really disappointed.

You’re entitled to be upset when you put time, effort and love into something that is ultimately unsuccessful. As they say here “dommage pour toi”.


I invite others to tell us what is really annoying them today… and how they rate it against the worldwide state of affairs…

Feel free to get things off your chest… and then get over it… :grin:

Ha ha… Mandy…I did feel terrible as I know how much they are anticipating this seasonal treat.

When something goes wrong… best to turn to something else… a chicken “Stella Special” is on the cards for lunch… with or without chocolate sauce…that’s an idea mmmm :thinking:

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Very South American.

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I’ve had chocolate on poultry before, delicious… but not for today…:relaxed: